Compound Depression

Recent events have brought on times for me where I have had strong thoughts of suicide than ever before. Finding strength has been very difficult, but I am still here so I would like to share with you something I have learnt and that I hope will help me better manage my depression in the future. Continue reading

Transliving Journal: Endless Waiting and My Overactive Mind

My mind has been running away with me tonight, it’s hard to control when I get like this. I get wound up and over think everything, paying attention to things that are stressful or hurt and dwelling on things I can’t change. I would probably say it’s my biggest flaw, but then my analytical mind is often my biggest asset too, so I can’t always win with it. Continue reading

Transliving Journal: Football – Am I Allowed To Play?

It’s a cold night in Plymouth and thus I am wrapped up in a hoodie and have a rather toasty hot water bottle sitting on my lap. Thoughts today centre around my recent return to playing football, which I am REALLY excited about! If you have five minutes, keep on reading and I’ll take you through why it’s so great for me and also the difficulties that come with it as a trans woman. Continue reading

Trans Pride Brighton 2017

What an incredible experience. There was laughter, tears, happiness, friendship, love and most of all a whole lot of pride… trans pride.

On Wednesday the 19th July I made my way across the South coast from Plymouth to a beautifully sunny Brighton. It’s a beast of a drive (about 5 hours give or take) but is worth the amazing line up of events for Trans Pride Brighton 2017. Continue reading

A Transwoman’s Right To Vote

Today I was able to my vote in the UK General Election registered as female for the very first time. In doing so I felt an enormous amount of pride in myself for having come so far in my own journey over the last year. However, upon further reflection I realised that it means a great deal more than that, only 90 years ago this would have been a right I would have lost in my societal transition from male to female. Continue reading