Transliving Journal: Endless Waiting and My Overactive Mind

My mind has been running away with me tonight, it’s hard to control when I get like this. I get wound up and over think everything, paying attention to things that are stressful or hurt and dwelling on things I can’t change. I would probably say it’s my biggest flaw, but then my analytical mind is often my biggest asset too, so I can’t always win with it. Continue reading

Transliving Journal: Football – Am I Allowed To Play?

It’s a cold night in Plymouth and thus I am wrapped up in a hoodie and have a rather toasty hot water bottle sitting on my lap. Thoughts today centre around my recent return to playing football, which I am REALLY excited about! If you have five minutes, keep on reading and I’ll take you through why it’s so great for me and also the difficulties that come with it as a trans woman. Continue reading

Laser Hair Removal – Almost completed my face

It’s been almost a year since I started having laser hair removal to remove my facial hair. Whilst in some ways this is a long time, it is also hard to believe that only a year ago I was having to shave twice a day to stop my facial hair from showing. I now only need to shave to remove small patches that are proving particularly stubborn, and I only need to shave once every two or three days. It’s great! for anyone just starting laser and finding it tough, it gets SO MUCH better than the beginning and the feeling of not really having facial hair any more is inexplicably good and relieves an awful lot of dysphoria. Continue reading