Gender Dysphoria: A Year Later

I’m a trans woman. I have been dealing with, suffering with and generally sharing a flat with gender dysphoria for over 18 months now (although, let’s be honest, it was slowly creeping up and trying to let me know of it’s existence for the first 27 years too). Continue reading

4 Month HRT Update

Time sure has flown by! And it’s about time to give you another update on how things are going. A little over 4 months has passed since I started taking hormones and there have definitely been changes in that time. Overall I’m feeling much better in myself too, I’m very happy with the path I’m travelling along and it won’t be long until I’m living full-time, but more on that in another post. Let’s get down to the interesting changes. Continue reading

1 Month HRT Update

On May 26th 2016 I collected my parcel from the post office (yep, I missed my hormone delivery!) and started Hormone Replacement Therapy. I was so excited that I ripped open the boxes, took my first Finasteride pill then, without a care for who could potentially see me in my car, pulled my jeans down past my thigh and stuck on my first Evorel oestrogen patch. I felt instantly brilliant! Who doesn’t love a good placebo in the morning to start your day? Continue reading