A Transwoman’s Right To Vote

Today I was able to my vote in the UK General Election registered as female for the very first time. In doing so I felt an enormous amount of pride in myself for having come so far in my own journey over the last year. However, upon further reflection I realised that it means a great deal more than that, only 90 years ago this would have been a right I would have lost in my societal transition from male to female. Continue reading

Transwoman Frustration | Full of Testosterone and Hitting A Wall

There is a big wall in front of me with only one door and a big queue of people leading up to it.

For over three months I have had too much testosterone in my system. My testosterone level is way above normal for a female, it is in fact in normal male range, not even low male range. Continue reading

Laser Hair Removal – Almost completed my face

It’s been almost a year since I started having laser hair removal to remove my facial hair. Whilst in some ways this is a long time, it is also hard to believe that only a year ago I was having to shave twice a day to stop my facial hair from showing. I now only need to shave to remove small patches that are proving particularly stubborn, and I only need to shave once every two or three days. It’s great! for anyone just starting laser and finding it tough, it gets SO MUCH better than the beginning and the feeling of not really having facial hair any more is inexplicably good and relieves an awful lot of dysphoria. Continue reading