Thank you for your transphobia, hate, prejudice and discrimination

This is not just clickbait, this is not an exaggeration of my point. I really mean it. To the media outlets like the Daily Mail, the Times and the Telegraph who have published all of the anti-transgender articles in the last month, I say thank you.

Again, I’m really not kidding. Are you confused?

Allow me to explain. In the last year I have been more comfortable with my own transition and identity as a transgender woman and have begun attending many events including numerous Prides and specific Trans Prides. The biggest lesson and insight I have gained from these events is that the most important part of moving forward now with transgender rights is to raise visibility.

Visibility. Not necessarily acceptance, not necessarily equality, those will come in time. But the most important part of bringing us closer to a safer and better future is bringing to light all things transgender.

We need politicians to be talking about trans issues. We need boards of education, medical researchers, police forces, retail stores and everyone talking about trans people and where they stand in support. No longer will we be a taboo or ‘weird’ entity pushed to the sidelines and forgotten about because we are not important.

If you had told me earlier this year that in November we would see transgender issues featured in over a dozen high profile stories in large national media outlets I probably not have believed you. The fact that almost all of them are anti-transgender is truly awful but, to be honest, not all that surprising.


But seriously Amber, why are you thanking them?!

FINALLY the rest of the world might actually wake up! Our biggest challenge as trans people is getting the message out there that we suffer transphobic hate crimes on a daily basis. We are painted with the same brush as sex offender just because we want to pee. We are attacked in the street both verbally and physically just for being transgender.

Earlier this month the Telegraph called trans women ‘Sex-Change Men’. This was in the headline of their article and probably viewed by millions. We have reached a point now where transphobia, prejudice and discrimination is happening right out in the open on the biggest stage. There is no hiding from it. Nobody can deny it any more.

So thank you to the hateful bigots and their awful views about trans people. You are starting to shout, starting to make yourselves noticed and it is my hope that this plays directly into the hands of trans people. You have done one of the biggest and most difficult jobs for us, you have shown your true colours, stopped denying trans discrimination and plastered it all over the walls for everyone to see.


This Country is Mentally Ill

Many claim that being transgender is a mental illness, much like they did with homosexuality 50 years ago, encouraging things like conversion therapy to ‘cure’ those affected.

One of the biggest steps in battling a mental illness is identifying the problem, and often it gets worse before it gets better.

So now in the UK (and in many countries across the world) the disease and mental illness that is transphobia, anti-transgender hate and discrimination is finally being highlighted, identified and confirmed. We are now beyond the point of denial.

It may get even worse than it is now, but at least we are visible. Transgender people exist and so do all of the problems that have been ignored for so long. Is it any surprise to you now that so many transgender people take their own lives? Is it any surprise to you now why there is so much anxiety and depression amongstĀ  trans people?

Not any more. We no longer need to explain.

So thank you to all of the transphobia, hatred, prejudice and discrimination that has made the headlines. You have shown your true colours and there is no going back.

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