Plymouth Pride 2017

Plymouth Pride, you were sensational!

This weekend was my first ever Plymouth Pride, having only come out around 18 months ago I am relatively new to the LGBT+ scene, but I am so wonderfully happy to have been embraced by it.

I have yet to talk about it in detail here on my blog, but back in March myself and my friend Erin created Not Alone, a transgender and non-binary support group in Plymouth. The first of its kind in the city. It was gained many members and a lot of interest (even picking up an award!). See more on the website here:

So, at Plymouth Pride this year we helped lead a team that brought the first ever Trans Zone to the event. This is a big step forward for our often under-represented community and a vital step for raising trans visibility.


I have heard many say that for a long time the T in LGBT has been overlooked and not represented in both Pride events and activism for LGBT rights. With more media coverage than ever and a growing generation of youth more open to gender variance it is an exciting time to be part of a movement which is really starting to feel like a ‘Gender Revolution’ (a phrase coined by the National Geographic is their special edition in January this year).

Plymouth city center was awash with rainbow colours and the music of a marching band on Saturday. A beautiful display of Pride.

One of my favourite moments of the day was when a friend was trying to find us among the thousands of people gathered for start of the march. They simply said ‘I couldn’t find you because there were so many trans flags’… wow! THAT is heartwarming.

So I will leave you with that wonderful thought, the notion that there are now so many people out and proud of being trans that we now truly represent a visible part of the LGBTQI+ community.

Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who made the day so special and so memorable.

Thank you to all of the people who gave their day to bring stalls to the Trans Zone, There were stalls for make-up and hair, clothes, breast forms and binders, a stall from Safe Haven, a non-binary table and a special mention to My Genderation who allowed us to show a collection of their brilliant films. The My Genderation films were shown on a large screen for the whole day, to see more of their brilliant work go their YouTube channel here: My Genderation YouTube

Pride Plymouth has shown me that there is love and acceptance all around us. It is beautiful and it is growing.


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