Transliving Journal – My Transition is Complete

When speaking about things to a friend recently I was able to collect my thoughts and came upon quite a profound realisation. After less than a year on hormones, I have completed my transition.


Read on, and I shall explain.

I have had no surgeries, I am still finishing laser treatment and my testosterone level has actually risen (much to my annoyance) back into a male range. So how, I hear you ask, have I completed my transition?

It’s quite simple really. I was once living as a male member of society and I am now living as a woman. My name and gender has changed on all of my documents (except my birth certificate), I am even registered to vote as Amber.

To anyone looking at my life, and that includes me, I am a fully female member of society. In less than twelve months since I started my first prescription I have achieved exactly what I set out to do.

This is liberating, freeing and wonderful.

Until this realisation I was getting stressed, depressed and bogged down by a lot of little things. Whether it was my hair not being as long as I want, my boobs not growing as much as I want them to, and all kinds of silly things.

Upon realising that I had actually successfully completed the transition from a male member of society to a female one I became proud and very happy.

Yes, I still get dysphoria about what’s between my legs. Yes I still see a man staring back at me in the mirror some days. And yes, I can and will change my appearance an awful lot over the next few years. But I’ve done it, I am amber, a living, breathing woman who is part of the world.

What my biggest problem now?

Well,  I’ve got a RUBBISH vagina, think I’ll look at getting that upgraded.

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