Laser Hair Removal – Almost completed my face

It’s been almost a year since I started having laser hair removal to remove my facial hair. Whilst in some ways this is a long time, it is also hard to believe that only a year ago I was having to shave twice a day to stop my facial hair from showing. I now only need to shave to remove small patches that are proving particularly stubborn, and I only need to shave once every two or three days. It’s great! for anyone just starting laser and finding it tough, it gets SO MUCH better than the beginning and the feeling of not really having facial hair any more is inexplicably good and relieves an awful lot of dysphoria.

So, let me now do a quick run down of how my laser sessions are now compared to when I started treatment.

One thing is that you get used to it. I have cried so many tears in that little clinic room that I’m surprised it doesn’t need treating for damp! But over time there is a combination of getting used to how it feels and the treatment getting less painful as there are less hairs.

For me, the pain has changed. It is less painful, more stingy rather than intense pain, but more heat. One thing to bear in mind is that the laser gets turned up and up, so sometimes it gets more painful and more intense, but you get used to it quickly.

Now Intense Rather Than Painful
Rather than the pain from the treatment in first sessions I have had a different experience with the latest sessions. The laser is on a higher setting and I find that I now feel more heat than pain a lot of the time. In each session we are able to cover bigger areas because there are less hairs, so more of my face is treated.

The two most recent session I had were the right side of my face and then the left side. I find it a lot more intense than painful and this can make me cry just as much as the pain sometimes. I think it’s just by being overwhelmed by a large amount of face laser treatment. But seeing the effect it has is more than reward enough for any pain or intensity.

I’m feeling great about it!
It’s TOTALLY worth it; the time, the money, the pain – everything.

There are little annoyances, like having to grow out the remaining facial hair so that the technician can see where the patches are in order to target it. Sometime I still get a bit swollen after a treatment.

I seems like I’ve still got a long way to go, but if i look back, I’m actually really close to being done. I can’t wait now until my face is super-smooth without ever having to worry about shaving again, it will be great.

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