Transliving Journal – Don’t Forget To Live

I suppose you’re wondering what I mean by this title. What exactly could we be forgetting? Well, quite simply, this is a reminder to all that when getting invested in your transition and putting so much of your effort and energy into it, don’t forget that there is a world outside of your own that needs you in it.

We are all important and significant in our own way, no matter how small an impression we think we leave behind.

As a transgender woman having started hormone therapy less than a year ago I am still in the whirlwind of questions and new discoveries brought upon me by this transition. It is wonderful, exciting, scary, daunting and can easily consume all of my time. But I don’t want it to.

I have a life to live. Last weekend, for example, I was all set for a lazy Sunday staying in doing pretty much nothing, when I saw that I had shown interest in a local event (thank you Facebook). I didn’t really feel like I could be bothered to go, but I dragged myself out of bed and strolled my little size 8 feet out into a slightly rainy February day.

The event was a really quirky little thing called ‘Quit Your Day Job’ being held at The Junction (a local rock & metal pub). There were a mix of artists and small business startups who had little stalls to showcase their things, sell and also inspire others to think outside of the box about how they can shape a different career/business for themselves.

Yes, I went on my own. I’ve always like doing things like this, it makes me feel independent and free, shapes me as a person.

By far my favourite stall at the event was the Sad Ghost Club. Check them out here for more info. The zines and merch are wonderful and having been through some really tough times over the past year I could really relate to that cute little illustrated phantom. I picked up a pin badge for my bag and a patch to fix the hole in the hood of my coat.

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for photography, I’m not very good at it, but it’s fun. So taking my camera out was also great, I took a few snaps at the event and also whilst I was out and about. Another part of me which lives and breathes and I shouldn’t forget to do from time to time.


The time I spent out of the house and going to this event was the absolute best way to spend the day. I could easily have stayed in, thought more about transition worries and looked into more ways that food affects my hormone levels (I’m SUCH a nerd!), but I wouldn’t have put myself out in the world around me, I wouldn’t have left a mark.

So what I’m saying is that despite the temptation to let my transition be my whole life and focus only on that, I feel really strongly that being part of the world outside of that is vital to my happiness. Perhaps this is true for you too.

You are not your transition. Knowing that you are transgender does not tell me anything about you as a person. So, whoever you are, don’t forget to keep being that person, living your life and keep doing the things that make you happy.

Do that, and I’ll do the same.

Amber x

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