HRT Update – 26th Feb 2017

So, a quick update really.
With my hormone levels not being quite where I wanted them to be I have spoken to my doctor and am now moving on to a Sandrena Gel form of oestrogen, rather than the Evorel patches.

I’m really happy about this change, in honesty I wasn’t really getting along very well with the patches. I am a very active person, often going to exercise classes 3-4 times a week, as well as more things outside of that. The patches made it quite irritating. Sweat would sometimes cause the patches to come away from the skin, and even if they did stay on I would often have quite sore an irritated skin underneath where moisture had got trapped.

I have heard from other trans women that this can be an issue for those who are on HRT and exercise a lot, and many switch to either a gel application or pills. So, for me it’s on to gel.

I get the bonus of not worrying about the patches showing if I’m wearing little shorts or (with extreme tucking) a bikini!

Hopefully this change will mean that the oestrogen gets absorbed into my body better. The level that I would like to see a change in most is the Testosterone, which is currently at 13.9nmol/L. Getting that down below 5 in the next month or two is the goal, so watch this space!

Dear, oestrogen, please stay above 400 pmol/L! Thank you!

The interesting bit! What changes have I seen recently?
BEWBS! I totally have boobs. I love them. I think I wrote before about being an A-cup, well that’s still the case, I think being a B-cup after only 8 months on HRT would be a bit crazy! I’m not using a bicycle pump… although perhaps I could try that? They are now much fuller and show no sign of stopping, so a few more months and I should definitely be a B-cup. It really is exciting seeing the hormones working.

(p.s. loving boob foods)

My face has definitely got fuller and rounder in shape. I think others around me notice it more than I do. But photos from a few months ago in comparison to now do show a significant difference.

Mood swings are still significant, but this now easily handled with the consumption of dark chocolate and listening to heavy metal. Thank you to Gemma for the continued education in this department, Tool are currently invading my eardrums in the best way.
An interesting effect of HRT is that hair growth all over my body has slowed considerably. I don’t know if others experience this, but it is certainly something I’ve noticed. A welcome change and as I am yet to have laser hair removal on my chest it is nice to not have the constant battle of dysphoria there, or not as bad as it could be anyway.
Skin overall is generally softer, although to be honest I moisturise a lot now, so that’s probably playing a big part in that!
Well that’s about it for the update, not a particularly exciting one, but I wanted to keep them reasonably regular so this is what you get! My lovely mundane update on my odd little life.
Amber x

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