Transliving Journal -The Waiting List

I’ve had a bit of a down/angsty week, which resulted in venting this frustration through a couple of blog posts. The first one is this piece on the NHS waiting list.

The NHS waiting list.

What a joyous place to be. Full of optimistic people all linking arms and singing praises of the wonderful time they are having.

Score of 1-10

Sincerity – 0

Sarcasm – 10


I’m getting fed up now. I am getting hormones privately and my Dr is lovely and very helpful, but I really feel like I need more than a person on the end of an email now. I need an appointment, a need to see Dr who I can discuss things with properly.

I had my blood tested this week and the results came back today. My testosterone has almost tripled since I was last tested, which was the end of November. From 5.6 up to 13.9. Great! That’s not good news.

However my oestrogen has doubled. From 212 up to 418! Well that’s awesome! I love that! But… what on earth is going on in my body!!? I would very much like to know what is happening.

This strange fluctuation is beyond me and I don’t have anyone to contact in order to make an appointment and speak about this with.

My GP will probably not be of any use. I may book an appointment just to see if they can shed any light on it but I imagine they will say something similar to before, which along the lines of not k owing anything about the mtf hrt process.

Like I say, my Online Dr is great, but I just feel a bit lost at the moment, helpless and left to my own mind and google to find the answers that I need.

I need help and the NHS are not providing it. I know this does not just reflect the care for transgender people. The entire health service is stretched, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are people like me and in worse circumstances, who being left feeling like they have been forgotten about.

Thank you to Carol for your comment. I didn’t mention in the post the units of measurement for the hormone levels. See below my latest blood results, this should give those arbitrary numbers some context!

Testosterone – 13.9 nmol/L
Serum Oestradiol – 413 pmol/L

7 thoughts on “Transliving Journal -The Waiting List

  1. Carol Steele says:

    Your hormone levels are good Amber – I presume the units are ng/dl for testosterone and pg/ml for oestrogen.
    For men the level of total T is 270 to 1100 so you are way way down on T and your oestrogen levels are about right (oestrogen levels depends on which phase of the menstrual cycle women are in and can range from a low of 30 to a high of around 370.
    However, the units of measurement are crucial to understanding this and you failed to give the units.
    More information at


    • amberhopeevans says:

      Oh yes, sorry, you’re right, the units would help!

      Testosterone – 13.9 nmol/L
      Serum Oestradiol – 413 pmol/L

      I’ve been told the T needs to be between 0.3 – 1.5 nmol/L, but I could be wrong?

      Thanks Carol x


  2. Carol Steele says:

    Ah, yes, in that case the T is a bit on the high side (the normal range goes up to around 3nmols/L, range is 0.2 to 3nmols/Litre).
    If you have been on just oestrogen, you might wish to consider one of the T-blockers – either a GnRH agonist (which are expensive) or something like Spironolactone, but you need to be doing this only after talking to Helen about it.
    Your oestrogen levels are a little low (but this is where it gets terribly confusing as there are different ranges of oestrogen depending on which part of the menstrual cycle the person is in and can range from as low as 110pmols/litre to 1360pmols.litre. I think the range that they normally go for in trans women is around 500 to 600pmols/litre.
    Hope this helps


  3. Carol Steele says:

    It also depends on a few other factors:
    1. How long have you been taking hormones?
    2. The type of carrier into the body – Patches/dermal injections/oral/gel
    3. The dose of course
    4. The time you did the blood test (eg if you did the tests two months after having an implant, then I would expect this result).


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