Social Adversity – Get used to it

Being Trans is not a mainstream activity. Most of the population have little to no knowledge of the transgender community, or even what the word transgender means.

As a trans person, circumstances will happen where you will be discriminated against, highly offended, upset and truly hurt. And in some cases it will be due to the combination of a severe lack of knowledge and understanding, combined with some unintentional ignorance of the perpetrator.


This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt. In fact it can make it hurt even more. Their ignorance and lack of knowledge is a product of the society we live and breathe in. Which makes it then kind of feel like it is society ignoring and offending you, not knowing quite what to do with you. Which is kind of true.


At present our society as a whole doesn’t really know what to do with us. It doesn’t quite accept us yet. Blacks are cool, gays are cool, but trans… well we’re not accepted yet*. So until society as a whole has made up its mind as to how it feels and establishes an accepted etiquette, I’m afraid we are going to be vulnerable to individuals who cause quite of a lot damage, hurt and offence to us.


Society needs to catch up and bring the general public with it.


(*EDIT – after some feedback I thought it necessary to elaborate here. My intention is to imply that we are at the same point with trans phobia as we were a few years ago with homophobia and racism. I may have been a bit hasty with that line, it was not my intention to belittle or ignore the continued difficulties of racism and homophobia.)

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