Who is Amber?

Stumbled across my blog?

Wondering who on earth I am?


Well let me tell you. I’m 28 years old and I live in Plymouth in the United Kingdom. I am a transgender woman right at the very start of my transition (male to female). Since starting this journey and going through a very difficult 2016 I have decided it’s time to start documenting things online, hence the presence of this blog and your inquisitive eyes now pulling my words via your iridescent screen.


By day(and midnight oil) I am a successful (well hopefully) web designer currently working freelance. The decision to go freelance was half choice and half forced. Having been made redundant from my last two jobs at design agencies I found myself at home on garden leave in January without a job and no desire to return to another office. It’s worked out reasonably well so far, however having to bring in your own work and manage the finances of working for yourself certainly isn’t easy. If you’re thinking of doing it then I would say go for it, but be prepared for a lot of hard work and trial and error along the way. No one I have spoken to has got everything right from the start, there’s always bumps in the road.


I will leave the deeper, more personal part of my story for another day. Simply know that I have newly discovered the real me, allowed my female persona to come alive and be part of the world only in the past few months. My first time out of the house in ‘female-mode’ (as people often put it) was in March down in Cambourne, Cornwall. The Safe Haven event for transgender people in the South West is a wonderful place where once a month people can just be themselves, whoever that may be. The love and support I’ve found there has been phenomenal and I send a big thank you to Pixie and Paula who run the event and put so much hard work and love into it.

Currently I am not living full-time as female. I legally still go by my old name, but that will change in time when I am ready, as will all the necessary documents and all that malarky. I have been on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for one month, more on this to come.

Another place worth a big mention is the support group for transgender people in Torquay, Transfigurations. This is the place where I first went to talk about my feelings and began on my path to discovering who I am. Thank you to Carol who organises the group, you are wonderful.

Ok, that’s quite a long first post and believe it or not that’s the lite version of my story! To sum up I’m a hippie rock chick who loves playing guitar and juggling fire. I’m a bit mental and 90% vegan (don’t judge me!).

Stay tuned for more of my ramblings and stories.

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